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Accept no substitutes. Four guys from Canada who decided to use their super-humour powers for good rather than evil. For those who are thinking, 'Hmmm the Frantics, sounds familiar." You might be familiar with our copyrighted catch phrase, "Boot to the Head™." Also by the similarly titled sketch which as been recreated many times on YouTube. Or the kung fu sketch, which we call, "Ti Kwan Leep", that is known as boot to the head by many fans out there. You can catch hundreds of dojos performing video versions of this radio sketch, also on YouTube. We really enjoy watching them.

Reunion DVD - Is HERE!!!!
With the hit YouTube video“Her First Period”

The Frantics Reunion DVDThe Frantics Reunion Comedy Special broadcast in 2007 on the ComedyNetwork is here on DVD. And it's funnier than we thought it would be.

Also included on the disk will be clips from the 30th Anniversary show that we performed at the Royal Theatre in Toronto in 2009. You can see clips from both events on the Vids page.

You can BUY IT NOW.

“Frantic Times” Now Available from iTunes

Yes, the very first album we ever did is now available on iTunes. And it sounds great because we did stuff to it that small children should not know about. We love this album. It contains the best bits from the first couple of years of our CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio show of the same name. The songs were rerecorded and made better through science. 

The Frantics’ went ‘Immortal’ on

The Frantics on www.funnyordie.comWhile Her First Period went 'Imortal' on Funny or Die, we've removed it and put the video on our own YouTube channel, just in case you were wondering why it wasn't there any longer. So if you had sent your friends the link to the Funny or Die version, then resend them the YouTube link on the left there. Thanks.


Home of Mr. Canoehead

Probably our most famous character that we have created so far is Mr. Canoehead, Canada's Aluminium-headed crime fighter. You can read up on the history of this incredible super hero.

In other news, after a hectic start to the year we're taking it a bit easy and concentrating on finally getting out projects that have been in the works for a while such as The Frantics Reunion show as described above and The Very Best of Frantic Times - more than a 1,000 bits compiled from our CBC Radio show, and The Frantics Walk Upright - the lost tapes of the final performance in 1998.

Stay tuned.

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